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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  March 17, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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to the final four. they beat michigan state in ohio in nearby dayton. in cleveland dave feldman, fox 5 sports. >> good to see feldy is having fun out there in ohio. the news keeps coming tonight. here's brian with the news edge at 11:00. straight off the top tonight $100,000 awarded to a d.c. school is apparently gone. the feds are looking for it. a former teacher is blowing the whistle on where he believes the money went. fox 5's maureen umeh here now with a story new at 11:00. >> the money was a awarded in 2008 to mckinley high school by the aarp. it was supposed to be used for a program called senior to senior where students in the 12th grade would help senior citizens learn to use the internet. that never happened and a lot of people want to know why. >> reporter: his name is thomas matsolorso, a current teacher at coolidge senior high. he wrote the $100,000 grant
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application for the aarp's ethel percy award. soon after they got the money but no program was ever launched. >> no ad hoc committee was established. it wasn't openly discussed at meetings. the money wasn't spoken of ever again. >> reporter: he says only four people had access to the money, the principal, the assistant superintendent, deputy chancellor kaya henderson and and former chancellor michelle rhee. >> reporter: he said there were signs right away something wasn't right. >> essentially what we began to see was fraud, waste and abuse. >> reporter: security began an investigation and according to lead investigator eastern stuart, $35,000 of the award money was spent on a technology bus that was used just five times. 10,000 for new office furniture, thousands for dinners and conferences and thousands more that can't be
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accounted for. the teacher says he met with stewart twice and recorded the second meeting where stewart talks about the possible mishandling of the money. >> no one ever came to -- can justify and show where that $100,000 went. they don't know. >> reporter: it's now become a federal matter. in a letter by acting d.c. attorney general irv nathan to u.s. attorney for the district nathan says information developed during this investigation says these funds may have been mishandled and goes on to say the district of columbia office of the attorney general reviewed the matter and is now referring the matter to the office of the u.s. attorney for the district of columbia for further investigation and appropriate action. >> it's an extremely frustrating and disappointing feeling, but i'm hoping that someone somewhere will say i'm the one accountable for this. >> reporter: we e-mailed several time requesting a comment from schools chancellor kaya henderson. her spokeswoman says all
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questions should be directed to the attorney general's office. >> maureen, what's the aarp saying about all this? >> they say a senior media relations manager tells me because that money was awarded and not a grant they had no reason to follow up. so they really didn't. >> hope they learn where it all went. this northern virginia school bus driver is one of seven people facing charges tonight after getting caught up in an online sting of child predators. stuart newberry of leesburg was arrested monday and is on unpaid leave facing numerous counts including indecent liberties with a minor. shocking news to parents today after they learn a student brought cocaine to school. it's shocking because it happened at d.c.'s thomson's elementary school. four students were taken to the hospital after ingesting the powerful drug. tonight the student who brought the drug to school is charged with possession of a controlled substance. he's 9. no word whether the
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parents face charges. another bombshell at city hall today, mayor gray now facing yet another investigation. this time it's from a house oversight committee. it all stems from allegations made against the mayor and two campaign workers accused of paying sulaimon brown to verbally attack former mayor adrian fenty. fox 5's matt ackland has more on the developing story. >> this came down this afternoon in a statement from the house overtight and government reform committee, basically the committee that keeps an eye on the district. investigators are looking into all allegations made by sulaimon brown. a statement issued by the committee tonight says investigators have spoken with people inside and out of d.c. government but have had issues speaking with key figures close to the mayor. when we caught up within mayor gray tonight, he told us he has not been approached by the committee and if he is, he will did they approach you? >> no, they have not. i have not talked with them at all and anybody in my administration, i would
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encourage them to fully cooperate. i don't know who would be in my administration is not cooperating. >> tonight sulaimon brown was here and interviewed by shawn yancy at 10:00. shawn asked him about his own role in all this and did he think accepting the money was wrong. >> well, i will say that, you know, looking in hindsight that there's some things that could have been done differently. i'll let the public decide on how they feel about my actions, but most important thing i think we should bring forward is that the district of columbia residents deserve to know if their mayor is a crook and they deserve to know that if i'm telling the truth or if he's telling the truth. >> once again mayor gray says he will work with the oversight committee investigators and he says he'll instruct his staff to do so as well. >> a fox 5 news alert now, a no fly zone over lybia has been approved by the u.n. security
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council that. includes authorizing all necessary measures to protect civilians from attacks by moammar gadhafi's forces. the united states, france and britain pushed for speedy approval because gadhafi's forces are advancing toward opposition held benghazi. to japan now, still unclear if the overheating fuel rods at the fukushima nuclear plant are under control. emergency workers used water canons, heavy duty fire trucks, military helicopters. tonight a senior official of the u.n. nuclear agency describes the situation as very serious but relatively stable. meanwhile president obama says u.s. officials do not expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the west coast, hawaii or alaska. an explosion rocks a montgomery county neighborhood. laura evans is everywhere at 11:00. >> that explosion damaged a front window and room at a multi-million dollar home at potomac. no one was home. the cause is under investigation. authorities released the photo of a unique necklace that may
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be related to this crime. police want you to call if you have any information that could help crack this case. the reward is growing in bethesda tonight over a murder of two employees -- excuse me, a murder of one employee at lululemon. both employees were sexually attack expected beaten inside the store after closing nearly a week ago. jayna murray was the employee who was killed. the reward is nearing $150,000. if you have any information, call 1-866-411-tips. a of a former lab tech at yale -- a former lab tech at yale university pled guilty to murdering a former student. prosecutors say raymond clark strangled 24-year-old ann any lay before hiding her -- annie lay before hiding her behind a research lab wall. the plea deal with give him a 44 year prison sentence. he served as d.c.'s police chief nearly a decade. now charles ramsey could be headed to work with rahm
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emanuel in chicago. it's not the way you want to start st. patrick's day. a worker ends up head first in the white house fountain. but first quick check of our rundown. news edge at 11:00 will be right back. this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. 
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d.c.'s former police chief could be on the move to yet another city to serve and protect. charles ramsey said he is in talks to move to chicago to become top cop there. ramsey began his law enforcement career in chicago more than 40 years ago. his discussions are with the new mayor elect of chicago rahm emanuel. ramsey says he is not sure if he'll take the job. prince george's county police are out tonight looking for st. patrick's day partiers who have had one too many and
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are behind the wheel. a joint sobriety checkpoint is set up and dui patrol enforcements have been increased in college park. you can call soberride program at 1-800-200-taxi for a free cab ride home. st. patrick's got off to an interesting start at the white house. take a look at this video. a worker walking into the white house fountain dyed green for the holiday when accidentally he slips head first into the water. to make matters worse he was carrying a large bucket making it difficult for him to get back up. he eventually made it out wet and a little green. a maid of honor may not make it to her sister's wedding. >> she's not a threat to the u.s. she's not a criminal. she just wants to attend her sister's wedding. >> find out why she's being denied a visa and what she'll have to prove to get one. some airline passengers got a front seat pass to a penguin parade. this is youtube video shot on a southwest airline flight from san francisco to san diego. seaworld took the penguins to a
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science convention in san francisco over the weekend. they were allowed to roam free on the flight home.
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a wedding can be the biggest day in a person's high of. naturally you'd want the people you -- life. naturally you'd want the people you love to be there, but a couple from bethesda said their maid of honor will be missing. she can't get into the united states. now they're hoping for some last minute help, beth parker with the story you'll see only on fox 5. >> reporter: loretta lasario
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and larry remburg are engineers. they got engaged last year and spent the year planning their wedding. >> it's the table we'll have for the reception. >> reporter: but they are very worried there will be an empty seat. the bride's sister lives in columbia where they grew up and played together as -- colombia where they grew up and played together as kids. she's been denied a visa for the wedding. >> she's not a threat or a criminal. she just wants to attend her sister's wedding. >> it's going to be day of joy, happiness for us, but at the same time i feel like -- i am already sad. i know she's going to be there sad thinking oh, today is my sister's wedding and i cannot be there. >> reporter: in letters an embassy employee says all nonimmigrant visa applicants have to prove they don't plan to stay in the country they are visiting. >> she loves colombia. she's happy there. she has her boyfriend there. she lives with him. she's very happy there. >> reporter: deanna is an artist. the family said she has no
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criminal record and can even show return plane tickets. >> this isn't what america's all about, just profiling people and refusing them. >> reporter: they have spent hours writing letters and making calls. >> it's very frustrating because we can't get through to anybody. >> reporter: it's that effort that brought her mother here for the wedding. at first heavies aves denied, too but the -- heavies aves denied, too but -- her viz aves denied, too but the em -- visa was denied, too, but the embassy changed its mind. the wedding is scheduled for march 27th here at the synagogue in bethesda. so it's only a week and a half away. they're hoping that someone will intervene because time is running out. in bethesda, beth parker, fox 5 news. coke or pepsi? tonight one of those beverages has new bragging rights. and lincoln dethrones lexus. shawn yancy has your fox 5 top
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five. >> up first tonight why thousands of lawsuits have been dismissed from a maryland court. no. 5, if you live in maryland and midland funding sued you to collect a debt, well, guess what? your case may have been tossed out. a judge dismissed 10,000 cases filed between january, 2007 and january, 2010. the reason? midland was not licensed as a debt collection agency at the time. no. 4, are menthol cigarettes as hazardous to your health as regular cigarettes? an fda advisory panel will make its recommendations friday on whether or not to regulate menthol cigarettes. the tobacco industry is against regulation. no. 3, get ready to pay up if you want to read the new york times online. starting march 28th you will be charged $15 a month for full website access and also for smartphone apps. print edition subscribers will be able to access the site for free. everyone else will receive 20 free articles a month. no. 2, coca-cola is the no. 1 selling soft drink in the
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u.s. and for years diet pepsi was no. 2. well, diet coke just took over that second spot for the first time ever. other diet drinks to make the top 10, versions of diet pepsi, mountain dew and dr. pepper. no. 1 tonight, lincoln is the top car for dependability according to jd power and associates. 2011 dependability survey. lincoln is followed by lexus, jaguar, porsche and toyota. the survey measures problems experienced by the car's original owners after three years and that's tonight's fox 5 top five. >> i think we had a great day today and tomorrow is the bonus round. >> i'm loving it. we had one day in february that got well into the 70s accident brian. tomorrow will be in the -- 70s, brian. toll will be in the mid- to upper -- tomorrow will be in the mid- to upper 70s. there might be a bit of a breeze. tonight it's really mild, another added bonus. we are not seeing temperatures dropping off, have a nice warm
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flow. it will start us off a warm note in the morning. there may be a few clouds to deal with. most of these are passing to our north, but a few high thin cloud may be around later tonight and occurring the day tomorrow. we have a frontal system that will slip through. i've got to tell you we're really hoping there won't be any clouds saturday night and i don't think there will be because we have a super full moon coming in this weekend and what the heck is that? what it means is that the moon will be at the point in its orbit when it's closest to earth. that appears saturday night. the moonrises at 7:39. it will be the closest it's been to earth in 20 years as a full moon. it looks about 14% bigger to the eye and perhaps you'll especially notice that as it comes up over the horizon. that's why if you hear about the super moon on saturday night, that's what it's about. a lot of you may not be able to tell the difference, but food opportunity, good photo op -- good opportunity, good photo op as well and we think the weather this weekend will be
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pretty decent. the big news is the warm-up tomorrow we'll be right up to 75 or 76 degrees. wonder how many people are calling sick tomorrow? the breeze will be picking up, a little noticeable because the front will approach in the afternoon. it will swing through tomorrow night, could pop a brief shower saturday morning and then it will bring in some somewhat cooler air for the weekend, by no means cold, though. i think saturday's temperature will be in the 60s. it's still 51 degrees now and this is what i cannot believe. look at this. at 11:00 cincinnati is still 68 degrees. chicago is 65. st. louis is still hanging in there at 72 degrees. all this warm air you see in the orange, but then you get on the other side of the front and it's a little cooler. lincoln nebraska down to 48 degrees, international falls 34. that's where the front is. that's going to come through tomorrow night and that's why we think it will get a little cooler for the weekend. tonight a few clouds, 49
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degrees. tomorrow our fantastic task friday will get started at 50 -- fantastic friday will get started at 53 degrees in the morning and by 4:00 74 degrees. you think a seat outside for dinner tomorrow will be possible? i bet not. 60 degrees saturday. don't be disappointed if it starts with a little shower and clouds. sunday spring begins at 7:21, the vernal equinox, a little cooler, but a bright nice day at 57 degrees. through the five-day forecast we go. our big warm-up tomorrow, sorry, only a one-day special. next week we still have milder temperatures, get up to about 65 degrees tuesday, but notice we're starting to see showers. right now looking kind of unsettled. i think we may have a chance of a shower four or five days next week. enjoy tomorrow and enjoy lindsay murphy's sportscast. we've got a lot of madness going on. everybody's brackets are busting. we'll be right back. my diet? well yesterday i had an apple turnover.
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good evening. if you've been following your bracket, you know the madnesses has begun in the ncaa tournament. georgetown, george mason have yet to get their taste of the action. mason faces villanova tomorrow at 2:10. dave feldman in cleveland with more. >> happy st. patrick's day. >> reporter: st. patty's day in cleveland, ohio, where wearing green can have a double meaning. >> i was thinking about it early. st. patrick's day, pinch somebody that's not wearing green. i'm glad i'm going to george mason. >> reporter: but this is not a
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holiday, nor vacation. george mason practiced today with a singular focus, villanova struggles and much talked about five-game losing streak irrelevant to mason's task at hand. >> it's all about what we do. i'm not going to worry about how they played because i don't have anything to do with it. they can come out on fire just because of that, just because they had a terrible ending. they can come out stronger than before. we want to treat any team as if they're the best. >> it doesn't matter who we play or where we play. what does matter is how we play. are we going to be the best george mason basketball team we can be? are we going to execute our game plan both offensively and defensively and if we do that, then the results will take care of themselves. >> reporter: comparisons, of course, will be made from this team to the 2006 george mason team, you know, the one that won 27 games, made it all the way to the final four. this team doesn't like the comparison. they're okay if you mention it, but they'd prefer you move on.
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>> we're just ike to play basketball. we know a lot of -- like to play basketball. we know a lot of those people on the team, but we're our own team and they're their own team. >> reporter: in cleveland with the george mason patriots, dave feldman, fox 5 sports. it's no secret georgetown missed chris wright the last couple games. it's also no secret he was chomping at the bit to get back, so anxious he spent hours on the stair climber trying to get in shape until he was cleared to practice on monday. tomorrow he is back to help the hoyas dance, but first georgetown got in practice at the united center just after 6 p.m. eastern time tonight. they will face the vcu rams on the same court a little less than 24 hours from now. it was business as usual, practice back in the mix. whether his hand is healed is still the hot topic of conversation, but chris says he's feeling just fine. >> i'm 150% confident. that's how i am. so i never doubted myself and i
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just want to go out and play how i can. i'm a confident person on and off the court. i'm not worried about that. some fantastic finishes on day one of the tournament here in d.c. as matt howard with the buzzer beating putback for butler giving them the win over old dominion. in tucson temple and penn state down to the wire. juan fernandez, the hero for the owls. they win the pennsylvania battle in dramatic fashion. today's biggest upset in denver, 13th seated moorehead takes down the four seed louisville on a demontae harper three. louisville will face richmond in the next round. alex cintron with a chopper up the middle. jesus flores comes home and that gets it within a one, but the braves win this one 7-6. that's a look at sports. the edge will return in a minute. 
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keep your eyes peeled out for this guy, background actor jesse hyman has gained quite a following on the web after being dubbed the world's greatest extra. he's appeared in dozens of films and television shows over the past decade. hyman says he's often type ca


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